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Medicine Music Ceremony

Concerts, Ceremonies & Soundjourneys

Medicine Music Ceremonies
singing circles, trance-journeys
cacao rituals
relaxation music
mantra sessions

Available as an individual offering
for 1 households.

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shamanic voice-body work
study of medicine music
guitar / harmonium lessons
voice – rootness – femininity
tantra and bhakti yoga
 chakra vocal tuning & mantras

Possible in the forest as well.

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Medicine Music Retreats

Medicine Music Retreat
4. – 8. August 2021

Musical sweatlodges (in co-operation)

Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training Course
November 2021 (GER only)

Individual Medicine Music Retreats
for 1 households.
Possible partially in the forest as well.

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Floramor is a devoted singer of sacred music in different forms. In the early phase of her spiritual unfoldment she spent many years in an ashram structure as a yogic aspirant, devoting herself full time to meditation, bhakti and loads of karma yoga.

After a decade of intense spiritual transformations, overcoming pain and isolation, she re-discovered her shamanic roots vastly through South-American traditions.

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“Dear Flora, I am so glad that I was able to find you. You helped me to slowly come out of my freeze after a very difficult time and to find that the universe and great love are still there. I came to you because I was completely silent so that I could sing and dance again. Slowly the Dakini begins to stir in me again. You gave me a lot of courage and gave me new hope that it will still be possible to go my way.
I hug you warmly and bow to you. “

Margret H.

“Flora’s voice, Flora’s being, Flora’s energy, Flora’s individual sessions are very deeply touching .. especially when I write this, I feel a deep gratitude to have met Flora. It opens up and maintains a sensitive, loving, mindful, wild and, above all, judgment-free space, in which you can feel and express your primal essence / primal humanity more and more step by step and at your own pace. I am deeply grateful to her for that.
I can highly recommend everything, really everything that Flora does !!!”

Sophia S.

“A few years ago, by the campfire on the Ananda Hof, YOU brought the singer in me out of the dark with your voice, your reputation, your being. Before that, I only sang for myself or for my children. After the call-and-response session at that time, which you fired for several hours with over a hundred people to the point of exhaustion, I let go of my shame and for the very first time dared to sing in front of many people. And then not stopped again.”


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