Medicine Music Woman, shamanic healer & artist, teacher of organic musicality; co-founder, singer, musician & Kali-Channel @ Mantra Tribe; healing practicioner for psychotherapy

Floramor (a.k.a. Aleksandra Piela) is a devoted singer of sacred music in different forms, who unfolded into a fully grown Medicine Music Woman. She is a wizardress of sound, an artist, and a healer in one. She grows and nurtures a magnificent Garden of Medicine Music Healing Arts, sharing its blissful gifts with the world. 

In the early phase of her spiritual unfoldment, she spent many years in an ashram structure as a yogic aspirant, which has become part of her organically woven shamanic pathways. 

After a decade of intense spiritual transformations, healing her own wounds, overcoming pain and isolation, she has found the core of her strength, her own roots and simultaneously the gift she carries out to the world. This path led through the variety of the spiritual traditions from the Amazonas. She is currently fascinated by the natural fusion of the tools from various systems, feeling the one spirit behind and honouring the importance of connecting to the roots of our lands.

Mantras, rituals and impulse from the leftoriented, tantric pathways are her great inspiration; loving self-discipline and clarity provided by Hatha Yoga are her stabilizer, a gift of the rightoriented ways. This is Floramor’s way to try to walk the middle path, combining it with the spirit and magic of shamanic music from the rainforest. The fruit of this marriage is a never-ending love for Mother Earth and respect towards all living beings.

Simultaneously, the band “Mantra Tribe” has evolved as an important project, where Floramor channels the energy of Goddes Kali, where mantras are married to hypnotic tribal beats in one of the greatest rocking & shaking ecstatic musical fusions ever. To the last drop of sweat. Boom.

This way Floramor weaves the pathway of a shamanic healer with that of a rock star (which is in the core exactly the same, as playing a “shamanic” role or function in the modern culture).

Following and exploring her own voice fiercely has become her medicine. The ever curious and playful spirit is leading her ongoingly to new discoveries. Sharing her self-empowering arts became naturally the way she supports others in committing to their own potential through body and voice. She feels especially honoured and grateful to work with people in reclaiming their roots and thus establishing new paradigm on Earth. 

Floramor is also healing pracitioner (Heilpraktikerin) for psychotherapy.

Floramor (a.k.a. Aleksandra Piela) is a co-founder, musician, singer and Kali-Channeler at Mantra Tribe, a band offering a ferocious fusion of ancient Indian mantras and hypnotic tribal beats.

Floramor was born in Poland and has lived for many years in Germany. She offers currently her work in Germany. Since 2024 she moved back to her parental home in Poland. Currently, she is opening towards her own roots in the whole depth. Floramor feels both lands as her home, as her indigenous connection. It is one common Middle Earth. 

music is my mistress who does not leave me
never completely revealing her secret
opening me to the unspoken mysteries my heart already knows
while I’m falling deeper into her abysses
spreading out in pain and joyous exhilaration
she’s weaving her tale of oneness
roadmap from one unknown to the next