Medicine Music Retreats & Workshops

Medicine Music Retreat with Floramor & friends

24. – 28. August 2022, near Berlin, to be announced

5 days with Medicine Music ~ plant frequencies ~ voice-body work ~ soundlodge ~ Erd’vine nightly meditation ~ Medicine Music concert ~ creative flow & community tribe

Welcome in this space of deep healing through Medicine Music, contact with nature, plant & community work. Our tribe is growing and strengthening. I am immensely grateful to offer this program and open a field of growth and transformation. The resonance resulting from it is a sure way to cristallize your full potential. I am honored to offer it with the support of my spiritual family.

This is a soul-expanding journey, woven with a diversity of healing tools, transformative and full of fun! A thorough sound-wellness-immersion, a deep dice into the wisdom of the plants and frequencies. Drink the beauty to the fill and enjoy the clarity of the connection to Mother Earth. Heal in your body, voice, senses and renew your intution.

I am sharing my strongest tool: Medicine Music in form of chants and mantras, that we will be singing in circles. A great healing field opens through voice-body work: this is will be creatively explored with shamanic, tantric and yogic methods. An important goal is to let go of the burden of the conditioning, letting creativity flow. Our hearts start beating with the joy of life, making it clear what frequency is truly most sustainable for everyone. Entering this frequency means the manifestation of the deepest dreams.

Wednesday and Friday evening we enter into a night-long meditation in the Heart of Mother Earth, in co-operation with a soul-brother of mine. Saturday evening I hold a Medicine Music Ceremony Concert. Sunday is a day for final integration, creative flow, fun, relaxation and connection in the moment.

Please send an e-mail to register and for further information:



arrival from 1 pm onwards, time for relaxation
16 – 18 h opening circle, mini-warm up and singing
18 h dinner
20:00 h Shamanic Bhakti Satsang: medicine chants, mantras, introduction into tantric modalities


8:30 h tea and smoothies
9:00 – 9:45 h Release, yoga & sound
10:00 h breakfast
11:00 – 14:00 h voice-body session I
(frequencies: release, activation, exploration, body-sound games, chakra vocal tuning)

Lunch / break

17:00 h preparation for the soundlodge  
18:00 h soundlodge

ca 22:00 h dinner


ab 8:30h tea and smoothies
9:00 – 10:15 Release, yoga & sound
10:30h breakfast
11:30 h Introduction into mantras: mythology, gods, Sanskrit

13:00 – 15:30 h voice-body session II
(frequencies: release, activation, exploration, body-sound games, chakra vocal tuning)


16:00 h lunch
20:00 h Erd’vine or…into Grandmother’s womb: nightly meditation


13:00 h toning & tuning & breakfast
15:00 h integration circle
19:00 h dinner
20:00 – 22:00 h Medicine Music concert by Floramor in the village church (or an alternative)


8:00 – 10:00 h breakfast / brunch

Non-schedule. Flow of creativity in community. Free time for individual or group creative activity: music, writing, journaling, painting, dancing, walk in nature, gardening, artistic expression of any kind, whatever is shown in the moment….

14:00 h closing circle
16:00 h cleaning, packing and departure

Price and registration: to be announced

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