Medicine Music Retreats & Workshops

Individual Medicine Music Retreat

near Berlin

For one or two people from the same household

Spend 1-3 days with me on the land and embark on a unique, individually designed magical Medicine Music Journey!
I offer you a place in a small paradise at Ganesha-Hof in Löwenberger Land (1 hour car drive from Berlin). You stay very close to the forest, enjoy a natural sauna and a small pond and receive a full-on Pacha Mama service!

You can choose to stay between 1 and 3 days long and explore endless healing possibilities through Medicine Music.

Basic intention: using the abundance of frequencies to facilitate awakening. The core of our life purpose is embedded in the heart and this work is one of the ways to ignite the spark. There is a vision vibrating behind: everyone is an important puzzle of the whole. Living your life purpose with an open and courageous heart leads to the realization of dreams and healing for us and the world.

Welcome in the space of deep healing with Medicine Music, working with your voice-body interface, exploring diverse tools of soul-expansion, contact with yourself, nature, stillness and magic of Medicine Songs.

The healing work is offered in a creative, intuitive way and draws on shamanic, tantric and yogic traditions. Our goal is to leave the heaviness of the conditioning behind and dive trustfully into the flow of creativity. Waking up our hearts and recognizing the benevolent frequency that is working for the well-being of all beings. This is the frequency needed for the realization of the most incredible dreams.

The retreat will be designed according to your needs and wishes. We can discuss it together in detail in a preliminary online conversation. One of the goals is unfolding your natural rhythm and allowing your intuition to guide you into the flow. Welcome to choose from following offerings:

~ shamanic voice-body work sessions (transformational and liberating healing session, involving working with your voice and body)
~ Goddess Sound Yoga or Hatha Yoga for all genders (individually guided yoga session for strengthening of the shakti energy) followed by guided deep relaxation
~ learning of Medicine Songs and Mantras, learning an instrument (harmonium, guitar, guitalele, ukulele)
~ training: how to conduct your own Medicine Music Ceremony as a daily practice or your friends and family?
~ Cacao Ceremony with medicine walk in the forest (deep connection to nature)
~ bodysound-treatment ( deep bodywork session, a treatment I am offering with my hands, heart and voice)
~ individual Meditations
~ for women: yoni-voice journey or a yoni puja (worship ritual)
~ voice session in the sauna
~ individual cooking session (simple, easy and quick vegan cooking according to Ayurveda and Anthony William)

At first, the session is about opening, shaking, exploring and playing. It is about finding your own harmony and diving into the pleasures of toning. The second part is about deepening: we explore the inner creative resources and discover the healing potential of non-verbality (expression beyond the words and understanding). The traumas are allowed to heal – especially the trauma of being shamed as a child – and the true voice shows up. Usually at this stage energy is being liberated, which is a very joyous experience, filling you up with inspiration and devotion towards your own way of heart.

Voice-Body Work is able to establish natural flow of creative energy through activation of voice and body. This work is for everyone who wishes to become free of old, stagnating patterns and wants to live from the deeper calling. To become free from fear and shame of your own expression is a blissful experience, as your inner child / animal / clown / god-goddess come to life!

You can discover that your inner world is full of surprising gifts and your potential awakens. Our voice-body-interface is being used to tap into the unconscious and re-program it according to the intention. Instead of living out of the need to survive, you start to live out of the wish to create and share! This makes you invincible in the best possible way!

GODDES YOGA for all genders
Goddess Yoga awakens and strengthens our shakti energy. And we all have it, independently from our gender. We live in times of the awakening of the Great Feminine and Great Masculine and their union at the heart of existence. Which literally means: in our own hearts. After a very long time of separation, they come united again, in love and respect towards one another. Goddess Yoga honors this union and our body serves as a temple of three shaktis: Kali (root), Lakshmi (heart) and Sarasvati (head). I weave together Hatha Yoga, elements of voice-body work & release, Chakra Vocal work, deep relaxation and more. There is also space for you to discover that you can channel yoga (or other techniques) by yourself. All genders and identification modalities are welcome.

We are about to be reborn as a species. At the moment we are passing through a birth canal, which explains chaos and general confusion, especially vivid since the Covid-19 pandemic. This isn’t over and will take more time. My work serves as a support in the process of awakening the consciousness of our species. Every individual making a step on this path contributes to collective healing. I acknowledge the heart frequency as the source of wisdom and believe, all the answers are there already, waiting to be heard. This way we become whole and use all difficulties as a chance to tap into our fullest potential.

Our freedom is the freedom of this Earth. Her freedom is our freedom. The heart always shows the way. Our responsibility lies in developing a fine-tuned listening and basing the decision-making process upon that. It is about surrendering to the magic of transformation, becoming overwhelmed with gratefulness, filled up with inspiration, allowing ourselves to be completely shocked, overflown with tears and laughter, enchanted and sometimes frightened – being a witness to the wonder of the re-birth. Accepting it all and becoming the Great Heart of this Earth itself.


My soul-brother Jakob Recklinghausen offers sweat lodges and other forms of shamanic healing. Feel free to combine my offering with his!

My soul-sister Kachenka Foltova is a tantra teacher and offers you her work in that area. Check it here and let us know if you’re interested in combining our offerings: