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Medicine ~ Music ~ Ceremony

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The magic of Medicine Music from the rainforest…This is an invitation into the realm of most stunning jewels amongst the songs, an entrance into paradise. This is the primordial jungle-garden with delightful, healing frequency of Magical Plants: they are weaving together a vision of harmony and each displays their uniqueness. A medicine song is an energy creature, one who unfolds herself willingly, disclosing her innate oneness with the plant consciousness. Floramor’s voice transports in that magic and connects with primordial vibrations, where the soul rests at home.

This is the very core of Floramor’s Medicine Music Art. Most beautiful pieces of traditional (and modern) shamanic medicine music from the rainforest will be shared in a ceremonial circle for the sake of healing our souls. FlorAmor shares her own compositions as well as interpretations of some of the most beloved among medicine songs.