Concerts, Ceremonies & Sound-Journeys

Medicine ~ Music ~ Ceremony

A concert, a ceremony and
a singing circle in one.

A magical encounter with healing frequencies through medicine music. Floramor’s own compositions, and her unique interpretations of well-known pieces of contemporary and traditional medicine music.

Medicine Music Ceremony by Floramor is a unique format of a concert as a Ceremony. Welcome into the divine musical jungle-gardens!

A medicine song is an energy creature, one who unfolds herself willingly, disclosing her innate oneness with the plant consciousness’. – Floramor

You are invited to be an active participant as well, and sing along.
We visit many spirit animals and birds from all realms, as Floramor embodies them through her voice. Besides structures compositions, Floramor entices with her icaro-like improvised shamanic creations, graciously woven into the musical tapestry. Floramor’s music flows from the Heart of Mother Earth, as she joyfully integrates several traditions and languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Sanskrit, and indigenous languages.

Video-Teaser to the debut album ‘Estoy cantando’ 

Cacao & Water Ceremony – Cacagua, flowing with the Sacred
Tuesday, 21.06., 18:30 – 22:00 h, Berlin X-Berg

Co-facilitation: Philos Spirit Flame

Come to slow down, tune in and elevate your frequency.

We create a sacred circle to celebrate the basis of life: Water. 
We receive the support of the loveliest amongst the plant guides: Cacao.

We ask these gentle and powerful spirits to make us remember and cultivate the awareness of what is most important in our daily lives. What is really precious and needs to be recalled. A ritual is a place of learning, how to remember. For that, we are eternally grateful. 

The rising of the new feminine consciousness is the very beginning of the New Earth and the change we wish to see here and now. We will program the Water together to help us manifest it in every possible way – from the tiniest acts of mindfulness to great courageous steps of manifesting our dreams. We all carry the forgotten wisdom in our hearts. Let us allow it to speak through us!

Both Water and Cacao are deeply connected to feminine energies. In our age of deep transformation, we are here to learn how to bring them into the flow and balance the masculine and feminine together. 

We will share the spirit of Hischa Cacagua (Cacao and Water) from the territories of Kumanday, Colombia, the native seed of the black blood of the earth, sharing stories and songs of Cacao in relation to the indigenous ways of working with this spirit. Remember that we are not only drinking a medicine plant but as well allowing a spirit to enter our bodies, the temple of our soul. 

The ritual consists of prayers, offerings, stories, sacred medicine music, dance and celebration!

Facilitation: Floramor and Philos Spirit Flame

Pre-sale: 25,- € (low income: 20,- €)
At the door: 30,- € (low income: 25,- €)

Please book via Paypal:
Description: Cacao & Water Ceremony, your name. Via friends & family please. 
Please have your meal at least two hours prior to the ceremony and bring your own water bottle.

Venue: Villanueva, Oranienstr. 23 a, X-berg, Berlin 

Philos Spirit Flame

About my co-facilitator: Philos Spirit Flame “Dancing Ashes” is a spirit bridger with the intention to walk the free path of the heart on this earth, “El Camino Libre del Corazon”. A curious soul of different manifestations that life brings into creation, traveling through different spirits of colors, rooted in this world. He’s been studying with different cultures and under the wing of different teachers. Through a strong connection with the spirit of Tobacco, Philos integrates his path with the spirit of Mapacho, recognizing this Master Plant as his guide. Currently, he’s learning from a Curandero Ayahuasquero from the Guarani lineage of Brazil, assisting him in various modes of medicine and healing work. Merging teachings and techniques as a unique disciplinary way of harmonizing the diversity of medicines in one unique altar of love.

New dates coming soon

Welcome to the journey deep into the healing frequencies of the Forest Spirit and her Children of Light. We open this space with sacred music to heal our system and connect our souls back to the source of wisdom. Forest Spirit Ceremony offers you a safe space to journey deep into the wonder of our fully expanded- and-connected organic self, healing the wounds and transforming the old, unnecessary patterns. 

We heal deeper, as we immerse in the mycelium consciousness, expanding into oneness with the whole creation, surrendering our brains to the organic wisdom of Mother Earth. Her magical Children of Light will illumine us, as we pray and sing, weaving the magic for us, our friends, family, and our ancestors, coming into stronger and clearer awareness of our responsibility on the planet.

The prayers and the music come from traditions that are very dear to Floramor: mainly shamanic music and songs of different South-American traditions,  and the profound power and beauty of the Indian Mantras. There are also many songs in German, English, and more. Floramor offers you a unique possibility to connect with the Great Spirit via means of these highly treasured medicinal musical offerings. 

The journey is created organically by diverse means from Floramor’s Garden of Medicine Music Healing Arts and work with the Plant Bhakti Frequencies & Rituals; 

Medicine Music Fiesta * Album Release Celebration for “Estoy cantando”
to be celebrated coming autumn 2022. To be announced!