Concerts, Ceremonies & Sound-Journeys

Medicine ~ Music ~ Ceremony

This is the very core of Floramor’s Medicine Music Art. The most beautiful pieces of traditional (and modern) shamanic medicine music from the rainforest will be shared in a ceremonial circle for the sake of healing our souls. Dive into the primordial jungle-garden. Carrying the delightful, healing frequencies of the Plants: they are weaving together a vision of harmony, and each displays their uniqueness. A medicine song is an energy creature, one who unfolds herself willingly, disclosing her innate oneness with the plant consciousness. Floramor’s voice transports in that magic and connects with primordial vibrations, the home of the soul.

FlorAmor shares her own compositions as well as interpretations of some of the most beloved among medicine songs.

Medicine Music Fiesta * Album Release Celebration for “Estoy cantando” by Floramor  supported by DJ SIKO

Saturday, 27.11.2021, 16:00 – 22:00 h, Life Artist Hub, Milastr. 4,
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

*** 🕔 TIMEFLOW ***

15:30 Arrival & Cacao Bar Opening
16:00 – 18:00 Organic Dance Flow with DJ SIKO
18:00 Community & Play Time
19:00 – 22:00 Album Release Celebration with Floramor & Friends

*** 👭 KIDS & FAMILY ***

This event is family & kids friendly! We invite you to bring your kids and family to celebrate life and the power and magic of music with us! 

*** 🌺 FLORAMOR ***

Floramor shares her own compositions, as well as some of the best-known and cherished medicine songs for the audience to sing along.

“Filled with oceans of gratitude for my path, I invite you to celebrate with my first solo medicine music album release! Life is a ceremony and this music is my guide deep into the jungle garden of mystery. 

‘Estoy cantando’ is a collection of my own compositions that have been blessed by the wisdom of Mother Earth, as well as interpretations of some of the most well-known and loved pieces of medicine music. Carrying the delightful, healing frequencies of the Plants, the songs weave a vision of harmony, and each displays her uniqueness. A medicine song is an energy creature, who unfolds herself willingly like a wildflower, disclosing her innate oneness with the plant consciousness. Floramor’s voice transports that magic and connects with primordial vibrations, the home of the soul.
The album is a result of a beautiful collaboration with many wonderful artists and friends.
10.8% of the revenues from the sales of this album are going to be donated towards supporting indigenous cultures in South America.”      

Para la Pacha Mama, Floramor

*** 🎧 SIKO ***

This Saturday, SIKO will play an organic medicine music tribal tech dance flow for us.

We are all vibration, hence it is so important, which frequency we listen to, dance to and go in synchronization with. With awareness of these principles and with his very own intuition for the moment, SIKO creates sound and music waves that take you on a journey to connect to your soul.

SIKOs journeys include the full spectrum of available compositions, from sprinkle little sounds of bells, drums, flutes, hangs, beautiful voices, meditations and shamans through wide opening and deep pumping and breathing baselines of emotions and landing into the peace of silence and stillness.

SIKOs musical spectrum unfolds all the influences he received on his musical and spiritual journey here on this Mother Earth. From his early days in house & techno music through shamanic ceremonies, meditation, spiritual teachers up to the ethno-folk-elektro of these days. It all comes together in a beautiful harmonic flow that creates a ceremony on the dance floor.

Let us bring the tribe together, activate our collective energy through sound and movement and use the power of celebration for our individual and collective growth.


*** 🥒 FOOD ***
We do not serve any food at this event, but feel free to bring your own snack for yourself. Also, if you want to sell some vegan food magic, let us know in advance. We are sure the community will appreciate your healthy services.

*** 🎟 TICKETS ***

Normal: 28,- €
Low Income: 22,- €

PayPal to book you ticket: (please write “Album Release Celebration” and provide your name with the transfer and use the transfer option “friends & family”)

At the door:
Normal: 35,- €
Low Income: 28,- €

Life Artist Hub, Milastr. 4, Berlin

*** COVID ***

“3G” applies: negative test (within 24 hrs), recovered or vaccinated. You can also bring your own test and do it at the entrance under supervision. Please do not come, if you feel sick or have any flu-like symptoms.


Friday, 12.11., 14:00 – 22:00

Welcome to the journey deep into the healing frequencies of the Forest Spirit. We open this space with sacred music to heal our system and connect our souls back to the source of wisdom, dive back into the womb of creation. Forest Spirit Ceremony offers you a safe space to journey deep into the magic and wonder of our fully expanded organic self, healing the wounds and transforming the old, unnecessary patterns. We heal deeper, as we pray and sing, weaving the magic for us, our friends, family, and our ancestors, coming into stronger and clearer awareness of our responsibility on the planet.

The prayers and the music come from traditions that are very dear to Floramor: mainly shamanic music and songs of different South-American traditions,  and profound power and beauty of the Indian Mantras. There are also many songs in German, English and more. Floramor offers you a unique possibility to connect with the Great Spirit via means of these highly treasured medicinal musical offerings. 

The journey is created organically by diverse means from Floramor’s offerings in the vast field of  Medicine Music Healing Arts and work with the Plant Bhakti Frequencies; expect however to move together through following, organically woven fields (not necessarily in this exact order):

  • opening ritual, welcoming the Forest Spirit Offerings
  • voice – body release 
  • voice – body harmonizing
  • community medicine music singing
  • sound journey
  • drum journey
  • prayer circle
  • meditation
  • dance celebration
  • closing ritual, community time 

Due to the specifics of this work, a direct consultation is requested. To have a consultation and be registered, please fill the form

*Deutsch: du kannst mich immer auf Deutsch ansprechen, wenn du nicht alles auf Englisch verstehst. Die Zeremonie findet grundsätzlich auf Englisch statt, es ist aber gar keine Hürde, falls du Englisch nicht 100% kannst. Ich finde immer eine Lösung für dich! Teile mir deine Bedürnfisse gerne mit!

Where: Berlin city, Treptow area, all details upon registration


Normal: 90,- €
Low income: 70,- €

In case you are financially truly challenged, please write me, I will try to accommodate your situation.

Max. Number of the participants: 12