Medicine Music Trainings in 2024

12. – 16. June in Sweden, in collaboration with Nina Medicina (please register: here). IN ENGLISH

1. – 6. August in Germany, 1 hour east from Berlin, at Hof Jakob. IN ENGLISH and GERMAN

Arrival 1. August: 09:00 – 11:00 am, Departure 6. August: 6 pm

General Information

Are you dreaming of being able to play the guitar and sing some healing chants and mantras? Do you have some favorite medicine songs and wish you could sing them with your friends, family, students, or clients? Would you like to liberate the voice of your soul, finally trust your creativity, and have a lot of fun? Do you want to allow your natural, creative juices to flow completely?

Are you ready to fall in love with your voice? If you can allow yourself this possibility, huge healing will follow! You need no previous musical knowledge or experience for this, only a passionate desire to open up to the magic!

Medicine music is becoming a globally acknowledged medicine path, a deeply healing path of beauty, resonance, harmony, and devotion. It is also the path of uncovering and transforming our shadows, liberating ourselves from fear and shame of our natural expression, thus liberating ourselves from the old structures that are holding us back. 

This is a unique opportunity to step into the magical field of learning music in an organic, creative, and enthusiastic way, full of actual inspiration and a variety of tools to awaken your magical, musical self. Our wild, indigenous self is always connected to music, just as nature herself is always full of sounds that are healing for our soul. 

Connection to nature is more than inspiration. It is an initiation into a deeply rooted way of awakening the voice of your soul. Coming from your natural, innocent, wild, indigenous, connected singing star-child that you are! We have a lot of fun and explore deeply the ritual space, learning how to hold it, trusting our beautiful impulses, and letting our bodies and hearts lead the way.

We hold the MMT also very much in the spirit of true devotion, expressed as a scheduled program: participation in the whole program is mandatory. This gives you the base to keep the fire of the music-oriented spiritual discipline in your life, a path that comes out of joy, love, and inspiration. We also keep it in spirit with monastic rules (or rules applied in shamanic study traditions), where a high level of discipline is maintained for a given period), so you can apply yourself fully, and taste some expansion of your current self.

In the course of this 6-day journey, we will rest on day 5, and allow space for relaxation, freedom from schedule, soft integration, and a lot of breath. Day 6 is about Celebration, final deep sharing, space for the collective creative spirit, enjoying the fruits of our work together, and integration in the final closing circle. We integrate some Karma Yoga into the end of our journey, caring together for the space and the piece of Earth we were welcomed on. We dearly, dearly recommend planning some integration time after the Training, allowing at least few more days for the whole experience to settle in. From this moment onward the MOST difficult part of your training begins: your own, self-relied integration, your path and work with it. We truly are stressing the importance of it for your energetical balance, as we acknowledge and respect the powers of transformation that are working within these containers. Please kindly commit fully to the given arrival and departure times, so we can all start and end truly together, and use our precious time to the fullest. Please consider that this is a high-energy community experience, and as such we will meet its treasures and challenges, both of which work for all of our transformation.

Please consider that just like in every case in this world, it takes at least a few years to achieve a decent level of musical quality, and decades to achieve a masterful level.
From that, we learn humility and respect towards masters.

Simultaneously everybody is beautiful exactly as they are, no matter the “level”, no matter their talent, skills, education, or inclination, when they simply express themselves naturally through music, if they sing from the heart, if they come from the place of prayer and devotion, if they serve others with the light of their soul.
From that, we learn to see the One Divine Expression in every form and way, we learn to love all the gifts that we carry.

This is as much a training, as it is a healing modality, as well as a way to discover your healer. Through the power of the ceremonial work, initiation, ritual, plant work, and their whispers (Sacred Cacao and more), we can heal and open ourselves to the true miracle of our original gift, the individual soul purpose. 


  • Play and sing numerous basic mantras, medicine songs & chants. You will acquire confidence and tools to hold the Sacred Space with sound & music. The following instruments will be introduced: guitar, guitalele, ukulele, harmonium, frame drum, shaker, and singing bowls (occasional variations possible)
  • How to sing in the ceremony –  a universal guideline for all levels
  • Discovering your true voice: the expression of our natural and most organically, connected self. You will come out of your shell, discarding your fear and shame of showing up with your voice. 
  • Discover your voice as your own magical healing tool, an exploratory device, and a means to journey deeply within / meet your ancestors / reclaim the lost voices / find the voice of your soul …. and more
  • Organic musicality awakening comes primarily through guided contact with nature as our first teacher, and through working with Floramor’s original tools. Experience the release of old structures, and limitations created by human conditioning; gain confidence to sing in front of others, and even improvise from the connected place, re-claim lost parts of your wholeness and harmonize your system. Embracing your musicality like a child: out of joy and inspiration, opening to your wild, connected, native Self
  • Embodied listening: learning to tune to the sounds of nature in depth, learning to sing from memory, and playing guitar from listening. Learning to listen to nature as a path of healing our connection to the land
  • Rhythm: learning how to correctly use the shaker; tips for keeping the rhythm; learning specific shamanic beat on the frame drum and guitar
  • Forest Medicine Ceremony: the essential experience of surrendering to the realms of magic. We let ourselves be guided by the original golden intelligence, coming from the Spirit of the roots, invite the plant whisperings and transformational power of the ritual.
  • Sacred Kakao Ceremony: the gentle wisdom of Kakao Whisperings guide us deeply into the Heart Space, allowing us to open and surrender more. The true teacher of devotion, a Master Plant of Love, Connection, Compassion and Peace.

Depending on where you are in the spectrum, you might even be able to offer sound ceremonies or singing circles after this basic training, it is, however, our advice to be patient and humble with the process of development, and allow things to arrive in their own time. If you are a complete beginner (also to the realm of spirituality generally), it is advised to practice for 1-2 years at least, before offering healing spaces to a wider audience. The main focus is on working alone, self-development, and practicing by holding small intimate circles for friends and family.

This content in the form of training means an incredible boost to your creativity, this is a real inspirational explosion and something that may catapult you into the next level on the magical journey of following exactly your true (but sometimes hidden) dreams

The format of the training requires willingness to follow discipline; we encourage you to simply be open to it as a seed to be received; this seed of loving self-discipline that will be planted within you will sprout after into a power-flower of strength

You will receive practical, simple tips for your daily exploration, and inspired practices, as part of your integrated spirituality (how to stay interested in the process). After the retreat, we plan 2 follow-up sessions with the whole group online, to check in with the progress of your integration.


this may vary a bit, or be reshaped slightly, as we sometimes need to introduce changes, as we go along or need to adjust to the momentary circumstances.

The Sample Schedule is a very reliable vision of our daily schedule. Please consider, that it will be an intense program, and plan nothing immediately after this retreat. Be aware, that this program requires a lot of willingness to keep the discipline. We invite all the self-aware, mature beings, who are willing to surrender to the rhythm of the program for their own well-being, and to co-create and hold a high-energy field with the rest of the group, for the sake of all of our progress. Please be aware, that this will be part of our agreement to commit to the program as a whole.

Prepare yourself to practice being in silence every morning. We create a space of less-mind by introducing Mouna (Sanskrit: silence) practice into the daily training program. It means we do not speak for a couple of hours/ half a day. This practice will be maintained not only every early morning, but also in-between some of the sessions. Since this is a training, we are consciously adopting some monastic rules, to help us maintain healthy discipline, and conserve energy.

Our Western mind is overloaded with activity – the practice of silence is a bit challenging in the beginning, but you will quickly start feeling the bliss…It serves to develop deep listening abilities, and so much more…

We will have plenty of opportunities to truly calm down, disconnect from the digital world, and allow us to listen deeper into our own souls. The practice of non-speaking allows us to conserve plenty of energy, and expand our ability to finally go into full connection with silence as the mystery background for all sounds and music……….

07:00 Wake up- tea and journaling or nature walk

08:00 – 9:30 Hatha Tantra Mantra morning session (in Swedish edition this will be replaced by breathwork sessions with Nina Medicina)


10:00 Brunch (mindful speaking invited)

11:00 – 12:30 Voice-body workshop or learning instruments

Break, snack (mindful speaking invited)

13:30 – 15:00 Main Study Class 

medicine chants & mantras with mythology, pronunciation, meaning and purpose for the ceremonial work / lecture on bhakti yoga / introduction into the psychology of the  “Wild Mind” as spiritual guidance/ inspirations from Chakra Psychology, especially in relation to the voice(-work) / divine stories ….. and much more!

Break with silence

15:30 – 17:00 Guided medicine music walk in the forest: initiation into learning music from nature directly;

18:00 dinner (mindful speaking invited)

20:00 evening program: Ceremony (Kakao, Forest Medicine) or a musical group session or Fire Ritual
ca. 23:00 h silence after evening program, until next morning brunch 


Music is offered here as a path of liberation of the spirit, finding your alignment, and awakening your creative potential. It is a path of discovering a unique gift that you are. 

This training invites you to experience organic ways of unfolding your musicality through a basic-level course. Since the ceremonial work is the original way of sharing medicine music, we are designing this training as a ritual, starting with an initiation into the path of the creative soul. The guidance of the Spirits is our main support. We cultivate this awareness at every step. 

We follow the path of music as medicine and offer you rituals and a conscious connection to nature and her spirits. The format as a whole works as a ceremony, and we live and breathe through every moment with the full presence of the heart. We will begin with an initiation, thus asking full guidance of the spirits for this path. 

We will develop our natural connection to music by engaging deeply with the body and the voice in the process. It is a lot of fun and allows you to let go of fear and shame in your expression. We hold the space for creating music together, just with our voices, and later teach you some chords on the guitar, so we can truly have a musical session. It is easier than you think! If you happen to be already intermediate and know the basic chords, you will find these experiences deepening and inspiring for opening your next level of skills! We accommodate organically these two levels. Simultaneously, nobody needs to have any previous musical education or skills. 

We are here to fall in love with every aspect of our expression, but specifically with our voice. Even if you think, you cannot sing, we will do our best to create so much light, you can pierce through this illusion and negative thought patterns – this is the first step to unfolding your true musical being, which is wild, and is singing with the birds, and is dancing with the sky.

Floramor about her Medicine Music Garden: “Here you can immerse yourself into the richness of shamanic and tantric frequencies, taste and learn their cosmologies, languages and mysteries just by touching the vibration, and letting the vibration touch you, your hidden memories and secret dreams of your heart, that are but its true authentic desires“;

Through your attentive ear, into an open heart, there flows the nectar that is the one golden gift of the plants, the music heard by shamans and yogis in their deep meditations, in their trance; a journey into the wild beauty of the musical jungle-gardens”


  • Initiation ritual into the path of the creative soul,
  • Developing musicality by connecting deeply to nature, our bodies and voice
  • embodied listening practices
  • Learning basic medicine chants and mantras, with pronunciation, mythology, spiritual origin & tradition, meaning and application in ceremonial spaces. Chants and Mantras of in Spanisch, Portugese, Sanskrit, English, and indigenous languages
  • Basic guitar / guitalele / ukulele learning in group. Basic chords and how to do a lot with very little (having fun with knowing just 2-3 chords etc).; inspirations and tools for daily short practices. Organic approach to guitar learning and creative self-learning process: shamanic beat, organic and yogic-based approach to plucking, 
  • Basic harmonium 
  • Organic tools for unfolding the voice & musical sensitivity. Exploring, opening the voice through practices and tools for release (letting go of shame and fear), practices for unfolding your natural, organic expression, and the voice of your soul.
  • Accessing inner aspects that can heal through the voice and energy work, accessing archetypes, inner children and more
  • Forest Medicine Ceremony 
  • Cacao Medicine Ceremonies
  • Hatha Tantra Mantra morning sessions
  • Guidance how to hold the sacred circle & ritual spaces with music and cacao: creating proper setting, using simple musical tools and basic shamanic and yogic chants (mantras), using simple tools to create a sound ceremony and guidance for how to sing in ceremony
  • Musical sessions together!
  • How to find the balance between humbleness (ceremony) and free creative expression (fun), and walk this path towards refinement and grace, keeping the natural, innocent wilderness alive and playful

*Please note that the above content in this exact version concerns the edition of the Training in Germany. The Swedish edition is slightly modified due to the collaboration with Nina Medicina (her work with the breath and Kakao), and what she uniquely brings to the Training. Please go to the Swedish Website for more information: here


To prepare you for the Training, we recommend you wholeheartedly taking part in some of Floramor’s offerings. A full Retreat would be the best option, and to inspire you to join a Retreat, you will receive 10,8 % price reduction, if you choose to join one of the upcoming Retreats (Forest Medizin Retreat, 19. -21. April; Medicine Music Immersion with a Soundlodge (13. / 14. April, 24 h dive in nature)), and register for the MMT.

Next best options:

Events in Berlin:

  • start a simple listening practice by switching off all your online communication at a certain time, to make space for being in silence (you will receive guided meditation into that), and being with some healing sounds of your choice. Make it a non-negotiable for yourself over time.
  • listening to a given medicine music track completely mindfully. See Floramor’s recommendation of truly highly qualitative music to mindfully, heartfully, soulfully listen to on Spotify >> 
  • With registration to the MMT you will receive a recording of Floramor’s prep points for listening practice (tipps how to open your perception to different layers of music)
  • and a guided mini practice program work at home with your voice: connect, relax, and gently release as a form of self-care


  1. “Wild Mind” by Bill Plotkin.
    We wholeheartedly recommend you to start studying a very special book, that is a universal guide for all ages. It is an in-depth combination of the finest insights of western psychology with the shamanic cosmological view of the human connectivity with all the creation, an amazing guide into a deep understanding of our psyche and finding ways into wholeness. This book is required for the training, please make sure to order a copy. 
  1. “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by Anodea Judith
    Guidelines, wisdom and methodology coming from the Chakra Psychology will be part of our conversion during the Training, so that would beour second , complementary book recommendation. We advise you to prioritize “Wild Mind”, and study Western Body later.


Leave space in your life for receiving these gifts in their fullness, allowing them to settle well, allowing yourself some more space – a lot of people feel the need to maintain some of the valuable connections they’ve made through ceremonial work and community, so leave some unplanned space for after the retreat)

We will have 2 after-retreat online zoom sessions with the group, to check in about our progress, share, and inspire each other again.
The exact dates are:
For the Medicine Music Training in Sweden: update soon
For the Medicine Music Training in Germany:
Zoom Session 1:
18. December 2024, 19:00 – 22:00 h
Zoom Session 2:
14. March 2025, 19:00 – 22:00 h.
This way we can support you in a successful integration, as effectively as it gets!
Please make sure to enter the dates into your calender.


what else you will receive

Floramor: “This offer means truly a lot for me, therefore I’d like to thank you for making this step of trust, and as a “thank you”, and an impulse for further inspiration you will receive:

  • a copy of the original Floramor’s Collection of Medicine Chants “Into The Core” (Book 1). A beautiful songbook, created by Floramor, to inspire you to learn and study medicine songs, mantras, chants etc.
  • Download of Floramor’s Debut Album “Estoy Cantando”
  • 10,8%,-€ voucher towards a Forest Medicine Retreat in 2024/2025. Participation in those Retreats is a great opportunity to cultivate the organic connection, and learn deeper the power of music in a ceremonial context. (Participants of the MMT in Germany only)
  • 250 g incredibly high-frequency and precious Kakao “Maya Munay”, that is Floramor’s chosen Kakao Medicine to work with (Participants of the MMT in Germany only)


MMT in Sweden: please go to the Swedish website by Nina Medicina here
MMT in Germany:

Prices all inclusive:

Basic: 1200,- €
Regular: 1350,- €
Supportive: 1550,- €

NOTE: the price contains basic fee for the venue “Hof Jakob” of 375,- €. This you will pay to Hof Jakob directly, as you are requested to book the accommodation directly with “Hof Jakob”. The basic fee covers your food, retreat space usage, and simple accommodation in a tent. Hof Jakob has more accommodation options. You are welcome to ask yourself when registering and booking.

Early Birds bis 30. April (Payment Plans do not apply):
Basic: 1080,- €
Regular: 1200,- €
Supportive: 1350,- €

Registration after 30. April:

Prices and Payment Plans:

Basic rate: 1200,- €
400,- € deposit when registering
375,- € basic fee Hof Jakob: please transfer latest until 15.06 (after that date immediately)
Rest Payment of 425,- €:
225,- € up to 2 weeks before the start of the training
200,- € until 31. October 2024, in installments or in full; you decide how much and how often to pay

Regular rate: 1350,- €
400,- € deposit when registering
375,- € basic fee Hof Jakob: please transfer latest until 15.06 (after that date immediately)
Rest Payment of 575,- €:
300,- € up to 2 weeks before the start of the training
275,- € until 31. October 2024, in installments or in full; you decide how much and how often to pay

Supportive rate: 1550,- €
400,- € deposit when registering
375,- € basic fee Hof Jakob: please transfer latest until 15.06 (after that date immediately)
Rest Payment of 775,- €:
400,- € up to 2 weeks before the start of the training
375,- € until 31. October 2024, in installments or in full; you decide how much and how often to pay

The Training will be launched with no less than 12 participants.
Maximal number of participants: 18.

The Training offers two to three helper spots for a reduced price: you can apply for those spots by a letter at: Please note, that it is an intense program, and you need the stamina to do it as a karma yogi/ni. This is an offer for people interested in practicing self-sacrifice, resilience, focus & applied devotion. The prerequisite is some sort of first-hand life of a significant period of discipline, preferably in the spirit of selfless service. Please enclose the description in your letter of application. The tasks concerned can be managed while taking part in the program. Please note, that we encourage self-organization between the Helpers and Participants, who can be actively asked to help out if needed.

Here are the areas of help: making sure, the dishes are clean after food (cleaning is encouraged to be self-organized by asking the participants to help); keeping the yurt space and altar clean & prepared for sessions ; making sure there’s tee and water; ringing the bell before sessions, helping during setting up ceremonies; helping with the wood for the fire; helping with the sound system set up; helping to ensure a well-made closing with the venue after the retreat; being open to be the “joker” in the moment (meaning jump-in when needed) – all within the capacities, leaving you proper space to take part in the training!

In the event of canceling after booking, the following policy applies, depending on the time of cancellation:

Up to 12 weeks before the training: 25% of the costs

Up to 4 weeks before the training: 50% of the costs.

Up to 2 weeks before the training: 75% of the costs.

Less than 2 weeks before the training: 100% of the costs.

This policy applies to every payment option and a payment plan you might choose with your registration.

We are creating a magical space together and make sure, it is safe, fun, and works out for the best of everybody. Therefore we apply these general rules and agreements, that apply the moment you register:

  1. Attendance at every part of the program. Unless there is some major life emergency, you agree to be present during the whole Training, show up to every activity, and also show interest and creativity during the application and preparation process. 
  2. Self-responsibility. You agree to do it consciously, and willingly and are open to the process and take good care of yourself.
  3. You are aligned with the values of the Training, that are based in service to the Spirit of this Mother Earth, healing of humanity, and attitude to learn and open more to the path of devotion, infusing all of our behavior and intention with it. 
  4. You agree to the chosen Payment Plan with your signature, and are responsible for paying on time, providing a payment confirmation, when done or installing automatic payments from your account.
  5. You agree to have read and understood the cancellation policy.
  6. You agree to sharing your e-mail with other participants before the Training for the purpose of the car-sharing to the venue.


Please fill in the following form:


You are welcome to book a 15 minutes personal consultation Floramor, if you have some specific questions or want to meet Floramor in-person before applying.
We would be happy to offer you this quick check-in for any request you might have! We want to make sure that your expectation of this Training will not only be met but exceeded! Please write an e-mail using the contact button, enclosing your phone number and when best to reach you. 


Sweden Team: Floramor & Nina Medicina (with Jakbin Alsaleh’s assistance)
Germany Team: Floramor & Team (Jakbin Alsaleh & Tiziana Sarah Schindler)

Floramor (a.k.a. Aleksandra Piela)

Medicine Music Woman, shamanic healer & artist, teacher of organic musicality; co-founder, singer, musician & Kali-Channel @ Mantra Tribe; healing practicioner for psychotherapy

is a devoted singer of sacred music in different forms, who unfolded into a fully grown Medicine Music Woman. She is a wizardress of sound, an artist, and a healer in one. She grows and nurtures a magnificent Garden of Medicine Music Healing Arts, sharing its blissful gifts with the world. She is also a co-founder, musician, singer and Kali-Channeler at Mantra Tribe, a band offering a ferocious fusion of ancient Indian mantras and hypnotic tribal beats.

In the early phase of her spiritual unfoldment, she spent many years in an ashram structure as a yogic aspirant, which has become part of her organically woven shamanic pathways. 

After a decade of intense spiritual transformations, healing her own wounds, overcoming pain and isolation, she has found the core of her strength, her own roots and simultaneously the gift she carries out to the world. This path led through the variety of the spiritual traditions from the Amazonas. She is currently fascinated by the natural fusion of the tools from various systems, feeling the one spirit behind and honouring the importance of connecting to the roots of our lands.

Mantras, rituals and impulse from the leftoriented, tantric pathways are her great inspiration; loving self-discipline and clarity provided by Hatha Yoga are her stabilizer, a gift of the rightoriented ways. This is Floramor’s way to try to walk the middle path, combining it with the spirit and magic of shamanic music from the rainforest. The fruit of this marriage is a never-ending love for Mother Earth and respect towards all living beings.

Simultaneously, the band “Mantra Tribe” has evolved as an important project, where Floramor channels the energy of Goddes Kali, where mantras are married to hypnotic tribal beats in one of the greatest rocking & shaking ecstatic musical fusions ever. To the last drop of sweat. Boom.

This way Floramor weaves the pathway of a shamanic healer with that of a rock-star (which is in the core exactly the same, as playing a “shamanic” role or function in the modern culture).

Following and exploring her own voice fiercely has become her medicine. The ever curious and playful spirit is leading her ongoingly to new discoveries. Sharing her self-empowering arts became naturally the way she supports others in committing to their own potential through body and voice. She feels especially honoured and grateful to work with people in reclaiming their roots and thus establishing new paradigm on Earth. 

Floramor is also healing pracitioner (Heilpraktikerin) for psychotherapy.

Floramor was born in Poland and has lived for many years in Germany. She offers currently her work in Germany. Since 2024 she moved back to her parental home in Poland. Currently, she is opening towards her own roots in the whole depth. Floramor feels both lands as her home, as her indigenous connection. It is one common Middle Earth. 

Jakbin Alsaleh
Beautiful amazing healer, musician and supporter. He is a magician, who is so completely humble, embodying the mysterious spirit of ancient prophets of the Middle East, as his land of origin is Syria. Jakbin is mischievous, playful, spontaneous, prophetic and completely devoted to the ceremonial work. He brings Maestro Xapé into the circle, and many other surprises, haux, haux

Tiziana Sarah Schindler
After a strong awakening experience 6 years ago, Tiziana found herself deepening the spiritual path by learning from different teachers and traditions all around the globe: From the ancient wisdom of the Mayan people in Guatemala, eastern medicine in India, Brazilian wisdom from Brasil to a variety of teachings around the Womb space.

She is a moondancer, healer by different methods like Cranio Sacral, Reiki, Shaluha Ka and uterus massage. Deepening her studies over the last years as a space holder for woman by studying uterus therapy, cacao facilitator trainings and many more. This wide range of ceremony experiences with and without plant medicines supported her in her own healing process and in the space holding for many others. With an open heart she is embodying the energies of love, care, vulnerability and strength in a safe environment, guiding through the upcoming processes with calmness and dedication. Bringing light into the sometimes uncomfortable corners of ourselves, to transform and to reconnect to our inner truth – finding our own medicine within.

She is also a talented visual artist, painter and film-maker. She is the co-creator, director and artist behind the camera for Floramor’s music video “Ayahausca Curandera”, view